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4th Stage - Orio-Zarautz

Distance in Km: 6,8 km

In olden times, a boat transported pilgrims to the other side of the River Orio free of charge, as they were exempt from paying by royal order.

Just 200 metres before entering this traditionally seafaring town, on the left hand side we find the hostel run by Rosa Arruti, a great supporter of the St James' Way. We enter Orio along a stone street that drops down towards the great portico of the parish church of San Nicolás de Bari, finished at the start of the 17th century and built on the site of the former church. The main altarpiece has a Rococo style and conserves a Gothic image of Christ. Its two entrances are joined by means of a large outer portico-atrium and they reflect the defensive role played by this temple-rampart in the town's past. In the main street, we can visit the first interpretation centre on the St James' Way that opened in the Basque Country and thereby find out all about which paths to follow.

The parish church of San Nicolás de Bari in Orio
The parish church of San Nicolás de Bari in Orio St Jame's Way interpretation centre in Orio Orio maritime promenade Orio from the air
Perfil Hondarribia - Orio-Zarautz

After crossing the River Orio over the bridge on the N-634 - in olden times a boat used to transport pilgrims, exempt from paying by royal order - we walk along the river bank in front of several buildings. We soon pass by the Aitzondo restaurant. Afterwards we cross the road that follows the left bank of the river to Oribarzar beach, ending up at St Paul's hermitage. A little later we get to the river mouth and walk under the A-8 motorway, to reach the Txurruka hostel. The route continues around the Torretxo and Oribar homesteads and after a drop down it will guide us to mount Talaimendi, carpeted with its stunning txakoli vines.

Continuing downwards, the path runs parallel to the Talai-Mendi campsite in Zarautz. Taking a break at this point on the path gives pilgrims the chance to enjoy an unbeatable panoramic view of the town, the surrounding mountains and Zarautz beach, a long stretch of sand that was honoured when Queen Elizabeth II decided that the waters of this town in Gipuzkoa, along with Lekeitio, were the ideal spot for her holidays.

From the mountain, after turning right by the Agirrebekoa homestead, we reach the road and walk into Zarautz along Calle Nafarroa.

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